Unspoilt beautiful and historic corner of the Isle of Wight

The thriving villages of Bembridge and St Helens offer a wide variety of restaurants, pubs and shops. Sample the art, crafts and local produce, freshly caught seafood and trying the local crab is a must.

There is plenty to occupy visitors on this unspoilt beautiful and historic corner of the Isle of Wight.

There are 5 beaches, the main beach in Bembridge beach and runs down the coast from the spit at the edge of Bembridge harbour and is ideal for exploring and offers great views out over the Solent to Portsmouth and St Helens Fort, built by Palmerston between 1865 and 1878 to protect St Helens anchorage and then used as a gun battery during the First World War.

St Helens Port is privately owned. There is a local tradition at low spring tide to walk across from the beach to the Fort:

This is only possible four times a year with the most popular time being August.

Bembridge is also host to many local events though the year.   

Note: Bembridge Harbour is tidal and has limited access in and out of the Harbour.